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VeEX CM3000 HFC RF Test Meter DOCSIS 3.0 CM A+B Incl

The VeEX CM3000 Portable Spectrum and Digital Network Analyzer is a versatile and powerful tool for analyzing and troubleshooting network performance. With its compact and portable design, it is perfect for field technicians and engineers who need to quickly and accurately diagnose network issues on the go.

Equipped with advanced spectrum analysis capabilities, the CM3000 allows users to identify and resolve interference problems that can degrade network performance. Its wide frequency range and high resolution provide detailed insights into the spectrum, allowing for precise identification of signal sources and analysis of signal quality.

In addition to spectrum analysis, the CM3000 also offers comprehensive digital network analysis features. It supports a wide range of network protocols, including Ethernet, IP, and MPLS, allowing users to monitor and analyze network traffic in real-time. With its intuitive user interface and powerful analysis tools, it enables users to quickly pinpoint network bottlenecks, identify packet loss or latency issues, and optimize network performance.

The CM3000 comes with a variety of connectivity options, including Ethernet, USB, and Wi-Fi, making it easy to connect to different network devices and transfer test results. Its rugged and durable design ensures reliable performance even in challenging field environments.

Whether you are troubleshooting network issues, conducting network audits, or performing routine maintenance, the VeEX CM3000 Portable Spectrum and Digital Network Analyzer is a reliable and efficient tool that will help you get the job done quickly and accurately.


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