Used Vanguard CT-7000 Digital Circuit Breaker Analyzer


Condition: Used, in excellent condition.

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Vanguard CT-7000 Digital Circuit Breaker Analyzer Test Set

Excellent Condition 3-Channel Vanguard CT-7000-3 Digital Circuit Breaker Analyzer Test Set with all accessories seen in photos. Unit is used and in excellent condition with minor signs of previous use. Thoroughly tested to be in working order with a 60-Day warranty.

The CT-7000 is a microprocessor-based, digital time travel, circuit breaker analyzer. The CT7000 can fully analyze a utility circuit breaker’s performance by measuring: the contact time, stroke, velocity, over-travel, bounce-back and contact wipe. The contact motion analysis includes: Open, Close, Open-Close, Close-Open and OpenClose-Open operations. A timing window is selectable between one second, ten second and twenty second periods. The ten and twenty second windows allow timing of long events such as circuit switcher contacts.

The CT-7000 applies a test voltage of 35 Vdc to each of the contact channels thus allowing an analog to digital converter (A/D) to determine if a close, an open, or an insertion resistor was the state of contact. The CT-7000 records into the memory 10,000 readings from the A/Ds and the transducer position counters. The contact time, circuit breaker stroke and velocity is then derived from the data that was stored in the memory. The CT-7000 uses an up-down counter to sense the breaker’s transducer reading. The CT7000 travel transducer employs optical encoders to send quadrature signals to the CT-7000’s counters. With the use of digital transducers and counters, the need to set up or calibrate the transducers is eliminated. A built-in, initiate circuit allows the user to operate the circuit breakers. Since the solid-state circuit is controlled by a microprocessor, the CT-7000 can perform multiple contact operations with ease. The initiate circuit is fuse protected for trip and close operations. The user is required to hold the “ARM” switch during a test to complete the initiate circuit as a safety feature.

The CT-7000 can also store up to 100 breaker timing test records and 99 breaker test-plans into the FLASH EEPROM. Stored timing records can be recalled, printed or transferred to a personal computer. Using the breaker test plan with a timing test, the users do not have to set the velocity calculating points. The test report will also print “PASS” and “FAIL” results.


  • Vanguard CT-7000 3 Channel Digital Circuit Breaker Analyzer
  • Vanguard Hard Transport Case
  • AC Power Cable
  • Serial Communication Cable
  • Ground Cable
  • CT-7000 PC Software CD
  • CT-7000 Quick Start Guide
  • CT-7000 Operating Instructions
  • CT-7000 Circuit Breaker Software Manual
  • Factory Calibration Certificate
  • Vanguard Utility Equipment Guide


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