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Used General Electric Spotchecker 0036763 Weld Flaw Detector NDT

Ensure the integrity of your welds with the General Electric Spotchecker 0036763 Weld Flaw Detector. Designed for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) applications, this advanced device provides accurate and reliable detection of flaws in welds.

The General Electric Spotchecker 0036763 Weld Flaw Detector is a state-of-the-art non-destructive testing (NDT) device designed to detect flaws in welds with precision and accuracy. This portable and user-friendly tool is an essential asset for industries such as manufacturing, construction, and automotive, ensuring the safety and reliability of welded structures.

The Spotchecker 0036763 utilizes advanced technology to identify defects in welds, such as cracks, porosity, and inclusions. Equipped with a high-resolution display, it provides clear and detailed images of the flaws, allowing inspectors to make informed decisions regarding the integrity of the welds. Its ergonomic design and intuitive interface make it easy to operate, even for those with limited experience in NDT.

With its robust construction and durability, the Spotchecker 0036763 is built to withstand harsh working conditions. Its rugged exterior protects the device from impact, dust, and moisture, ensuring reliable performance in demanding environments. Additionally, its long battery life ensures uninterrupted operation during inspections, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Furthermore, the Spotchecker 0036763 offers versatile connectivity options, allowing users to transfer data to external devices for further analysis and documentation. This feature enables seamless integration with existing quality control systems, streamlining the inspection process and enhancing workflow efficiency.

In summary, the General Electric Spotchecker 0036763 Weld Flaw Detector is a cutting-edge NDT tool that provides accurate and reliable detection of weld flaws. Its user-friendly interface, durability, and connectivity options make it an indispensable asset for professionals in various industries, ensuring the highest standards of safety and quality.


  • “Completes” our existing USLT product line for spot weld testing
  • Offers true portability with a rugged, environmentally protective housing
  • The key difference between this product and existing spot weld testing solutions is its size/weight, environmental protection and user friendly operating
  • Unique user interface to operate a pointing device by two trackballs
  • Touchscreen operation for direct access of different functions and settings on a big 8.4 inch LCD
  • Modern PC interfaces, including USB and wireless connection (WLAN, BlueTooth Remote control like USLT 2000)
  • Ease of use for untrained inspectors (Application Specific Software UltraLOG)
  • Compatible with other USLT 2000 solutions
  • Hot swap battery exchange for continuous operation
  • Environmentally protected according IP65


  • General Electric SpotChecker Weld Flaw Detector
  • General Electric G20MNX NDT Probe D3,6mm
  • General Electric Lemo Cable
  • Power Supply
  • Some Protective Membranes ( ES 12/01 + ES 12/02 )
  • Manual
  • Disc for Application Software, there is no USB stick for license!
  • USB cable
  • Transportation case

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