Used SebaKMT HL 7000 Hydrolux Electro Acoustic


Condition: Used, in excellent working condition.

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Used SebaKMT HL 7000 Hydrolux Electro Acoustic Leak Detection System

The HL 7000 ground noise system provides you with a wide range of options for locating leaks thanks to the variable design and the automatic 360° sensor recording. Work assignments lasting more than 10 hours are no problem thanks to the powerful lithium-ion rechargeable batteries.

The Bluetooth® capable, wind-protected piezoelectric ground microphone with integrated pre-amplification clearly picks up extremely low leakage frequencies on soft materials such as PVC or PE, and also high frequencies on steel or cast iron pipes.


  • Piezoelectric Microphone PAM CORR-2
  • PAM W-7 Ground Microphone and CS-7 Carrying Rod
  • David Clark HBT-60 Bluetooth Headphones
  • HLE 7000 Operating Unit
  • Hard case with charging unit
  • (Comes with everything shown in the pictures)


Used SDT SDT270 SDT270SB NDT Leak Detector




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