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Used Narda SRM-3000 Selective Radiation Meter, 9 kHz – 3GHz with Anntena

The Narda SRM-3000 is a highly advanced selective radiation meter designed to accurately measure electromagnetic radiation from 9 kHz to 3 GHz. With its wide frequency range, this meter is suitable for a variety of applications including industrial, medical, and environmental monitoring.

One of the key features of the SRM-3000 is its selective measurement capability. It allows users to measure specific frequency ranges, making it ideal for identifying and analyzing radiation sources in complex electromagnetic environments. This meter provides precise measurements, ensuring accurate and reliable results.

The SRM-3000 comes with a high-quality antenna that enhances its performance and sensitivity. The antenna is designed to capture radiation signals efficiently, allowing for more accurate measurements. With its durable construction, the antenna ensures long-lasting use in various field conditions.

This selective radiation meter also offers user-friendly operation with its intuitive interface and easy-to-read display. It provides real-time measurements, allowing users to monitor radiation levels instantly. The SRM-3000 is equipped with advanced features such as data logging and data transfer capabilities, enabling users to analyze and store measurement data for further analysis.

Whether you need to assess electromagnetic radiation levels in the workplace, conduct environmental monitoring, or perform research and development, the Narda SRM-3000 Selective Radiation Meter is a reliable and versatile choice. Its wide frequency range, selective measurement capability, and high-quality antenna make it a valuable tool for professionals in various industries.

Narda SRM-3000 Selective Radiation Meter, 9 kHz – 3GHz Includes:

  • E-Field Antenna 75MHz – 3GHz F-0016
  • Antenna Cable
  • Antenna Holder 3501/90.01
  • Tripod adapter
  • USB Adapter
  • Carrying Case


Used Narda EMR300 Version 3.0




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