Used GE MIC 20 Portable Hardness Tester


Used GE MIC 20 Portable Hardness Tester NDT Rockwell HRC General Electric is in good working condition and will come with warranty.

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Used GE MIC 20 Portable Hardness Tester NDT Rockwell HRC General Electric

The GE MIC 20 Portable Hardness Tester is a cutting-edge device designed by General Electric to provide accurate and reliable non-destructive testing (NDT) for Rockwell HRC hardness measurements. With its advanced technology and user-friendly interface, this portable tester is a valuable tool for professionals in various industries.

Featuring the renowned Rockwell hardness testing method, the MIC 20 ensures precise and repeatable measurements of material hardness. This allows users to assess the quality and durability of various materials, including metals and alloys, with ease and confidence.

The MIC 20 Portable Hardness Tester is designed for convenience and portability. Its compact size and lightweight construction make it easy to carry and use in different work environments. Whether you’re in a manufacturing facility, a construction site, or a laboratory, this tester can be your go-to solution for on-the-spot hardness testing.

Equipped with a user-friendly interface, the MIC 20 offers intuitive navigation and operation. The clear display provides real-time readings, allowing users to quickly and accurately assess material hardness. The tester also features a data storage function, enabling easy retrieval of previous test results for further analysis and comparison.

General Electric has a longstanding reputation for delivering high-quality and reliable products, and the MIC 20 Portable Hardness Tester is no exception. Built with durability in mind, this tester is designed to withstand demanding work conditions and provide accurate results over an extended period of time.

Whether you’re in the automotive, aerospace, or manufacturing industry, the GE MIC 20 Portable Hardness Tester is a valuable tool for assessing material hardness and ensuring product quality. Trust General Electric to provide you with a reliable and efficient solution for your hardness testing needs.

The MIC 20 consequently places the complete range of applications at your disposal. For example UCI testing:

  • On ready-assembled machines
  • In the heat-affected zone of a weld (e.g. pipeline)
  • On coatings (e.g. printing industry)
  • On hardened surfaces (e.g. tooth ?anks or tooth gullet)

For example rebound hardness testing:

  • On motor units or machine parts made of steel and cast aluminum alloys
  • On solid, coarse-grained components having a surface as rolled
  • On large series parts during the production
  • For material differentiation in material depots
  • On wrought copper alloys.


  • Instrument MIC 20 TFT
  • Mains adapter
  • Transport case
  • Operationg manuals
  • Dyna D Impact device with 3 mm tungsten-carbide 34 248. Impact Devices (rebound method)
  • Dyna G Impact device with 5 mm tungsten-carbide 34 549. Impact Devices (rebound method)


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