Used Datrend ES601 Plus Safety Analyzer


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Used Datrend ES601 Plus Safety Analyzer

The Datrend ES601 Plus Safety Analyzer is a top-of-the-line instrument designed to ensure the safety and reliability of medical equipment. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, this safety analyzer is a must-have for any healthcare facility.


  • Automated & Manual Electrical Safety Testing per IEC60601, IEC61010, IEC62353 standard.
  • Integrated ECG & Arrhythmia Simulator
  • All Auto sequences and Checklists are 100% editable for total procedural customization
  • Huge Internal test record storage
  • Large Touch Screen Display with inbuilt Keyboard
  • Prints test result reports & inspection stickers directly.
  • Software to manage and print test records, customize test sequence, PM Checlkist and procedures.
  • Reduces paperwork, eliminates handwritten records, standardizes medical device testing


  • Case
  • Software
  • ECG Adapters
  • Cables


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