Used Crowcon Gas-Tec FID Hydrocarbon Leak Detector


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Used Crowcon Gas-Tec FID Hydrocarbon Leak Detector

The Gas-Tec offers outstanding performance and reliability for detecting hydrocarbon gases at very low concentration levels. Using Flame Ionisation Detection (FID) technology, the Gas-Tec is the benchmark for quick and cost-effective gas leak detection.

Gas-Tec is simple to use, easily transported to difficult to reach locations and is able to detect gas leaks in less than 2 seconds.

When vehicle mounted on to the optional Trigger unit, Gas-Tec coverts to a high speed survey instrument capable of operating at up to 30 km/h.


  • Hydrocarbon leaks from 1 to 10,000ppm
  • Extended range to 100,000ppm with optional range extender
  • Response time of less than 2 seconds
  • Proven FID technology for reliability and speed


  • Robust design with shoulder strap
  • Quick fasten probes and accessories
  • Highly portable at 3.7kg
  • Easy to reach around pipe work, flanges and other hard to reach areas
  • Rechargeable batteries last for 15 hours
  • Up to 60 hours usage time from single H2 cylinder
  • Optional Trigger for vehicular mounting and high speed surveying
  • Complete with protective hard carry case


  • Geiger counter style click
  • Crescendo alarm, rising with concentration levels
  • Optional earphones for noisy or public areas


  • Very quick to read analogue display with twin ranges
  • Pump flow indicator for optimum sample flow
  • Pressure dial for hydrogen cylinder pressure check
  • Battery level indicator

Optional Trigger Accessory:

  • Enables high speed vehicles surveys (30km/h)
  • Complete with boom and sample tubes
  • Output for data logging
  • Gas-Tec can be easily removed for increased mobility


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