Narda NBM-520 Broadband Field Meter, 100 Khz – 90 GHz with Option EF0391


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The Narda NBM-520 Broadband Field Meter is part of the NBM-500 family of test instruments. It measures non-ionizing radiation with utmost accuracy and incorporates all the major basic measurement modes. In contrast with the larger Narda NBM-550, a memory for measurement results has been deliberately left out of the NBM-520. The result is unbeatably easy operation using just 4 buttons, so referring to the operating manual is all but unnecessary.

Suitable measuring probes for electric and magnetic field strengths are available for the frequency range from 100 kHz up to 90 GHz. So-called shaped probes which have frequency responses that weight the results according to specific human safety standards are available in addition to flat probes with flat frequency responses. All probes are calibrated independently from the measuring instrument. They include a nonvolatile memory containing the probe parameters and calibration data, so they can be used with any instrument in the NBM-500 family.

The Narda NBM-520 Field Meter is used to make precision measurements to establish human safety, particularly in workplace environments where high electric or magnetic field strengths are likely to occur.

Key features of the Narda NBM-520 include:

Non-directional measurement using isotropic probes for applications in the frequency range 100 kHz to 90 GHz
Intelligent probe interface with automatic detection of probe parameters for simple operation
Extra small and lightweight
Unbeatably easy 4-button operation
Auto zero ensures precision measurements


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