Hioki 8847 Memory HiCorder


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Hioki 8847 Memory HiCorder
– Max. 16ch + logic 16ch.
– Max. 10ch + logic 64ch.
– Memory 4M to 32M-Word (2ch).
– 12-bit/16-bit A/D resolution.
– High-speed sampling up to 20MS/s with fully isolated inputs.
– Large, tough handle makes carrying a snap.
– Soil-resistant construction is strong against adverse working environments.
– Big buttons are coated to withstand industrial oil and residue.
– Drop-in paper loading and one-touch setup, along with high 50 mm/s printing speed.
– Multi-channel X-Y recorder with electronic data log.
– Simultaneous recording over all channels.
– Plug-in modules provide the flexibility to match most channel and signal configuration requirements.
– Easy storage of recorded data using USB memory stick / CF card / internal hard disk.
– HTTP/FTP server function and remote operation capability provide easy access to data.
– High-speed printing for checking data right on the spot.
– Assign comments to channels and display them on screen.
– Print channel comments when printing waveforms.
– Make entries without a keyboard.
– Dual-signal FFT for transfer function analysis, and octave analysis for acoustic measurements.
– Display ever-changing time-based spectrums in 3D and use the jog and shuttle to load previously captured waveform.


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