Z Corporation ZScanner 800 Handheld 3D Scanner – 5x Increase Resolution CREAFORM


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ZCorporation ZScanner

Model 800

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Manufacture Description

The ZScanner 800 offers five times the resolution and more than double the accuracy of its first-generation 3D scanner, making it suitable for the most demanding applications.
The ZScanner 800 is equipped with a third high-definition camera that greatly increases scanning resolution and accuracy within 40µm (microns) and detects changes in surface height down to 50µm.
The product also boasts a first-ever automatic multi-resolution function that self-calibrates the resolution level based on the type of surface being scanned.

ZScanners capture data in one continuous scan rather than in numerous shots from fixed positions, eliminating hours of post-processing time to integrate static shots into a cohesive scan. ZScan™ software, included with the scanner, automatically produces a .stl file for import into a 3D CAD software package or output to a 3D printer. To scan, the user picks up the ZScanner handheld unit and “paints” the object with a projected laser crosshair. The surface is recorded by the ZScanner 800’s “trinocular” cameras. ZScan software generates a polygon mesh of the surface on the computer screen in real time.

Z Corporation handheld 3D scanners have been documented to be four times faster than tripod-mounted systems, which typically require more than 50 individual scans for something as simple as a bicycle helmet. The individual scans take additional hours to register into a unified 3D mesh.


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