Used RM-3A Medical Testing Device Kit in Good Condition!


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The device is being sold as is. No technical support can be provided and the product is used. We do not accept returns. Because of this, the product is greatly marked down compared to the original purchase price.

The RM-3A Analysis System is a powerful tool in managing the health of your patients. This medical device performs a range of tests which are covered and reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurance companies. This system is fast, non-invasive and takes less than 7 minutes to complete an assessment. The one-page Physician Dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of a patient’s health at-a-glance. The analytical system provides patient insights covering 8 key Risk Factors that are described in a 10 to 20-page report. Depending on the risk score for each factor, a medical professional will be able to determine the best course of action to address the patient’s condition as well as motivate your patient to immediate action.

This is a USED machine, and all parts of the device/computer have been used before by medical professionals to test patients. Packaging contents include:

TMABI Portion of the Device/Machine:

· 1x LD Technology TM-ABI System by MESI Model Number# ABPIMDD

· 1x Instruction Manual and Certificate of Calibration

· 1x Arm Cuff + Tubing size M

· 1x Left Ankle Cuff + Tubing size M

· 1x Right Ankle Cuff + Tubing size M

· 1x Power Adapter

· 1x USB 2.0 Cable – A-Male to B-Male Cable


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