USED CAE Systems Soundcam Diagnostic Device


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The Soundcam is a diagnostic tool used for visualizing sound to determine where noise is coming from. Commonly used in the automobile industry as a method for reducing sound inside of vehicles.

Key Specifications:

High ambient noise settings: Distance 3.5 Meters, Dynamic range 1-3 dB
Frequency range: 10 Hz -24000 Hz
Competitor Fluke ii900 frequency range: 2000 Hz – 52000 Hz
You can store pictures, video, audio and measurements
64 Channel Sound Cam with external 15” display, custom carry case headphones and tripod & Portable battery pack providing 5v, 12 v and 20 v power

Kit includes: Soundcam, Tripod, Power/Charging Cable, Headphones, Wrist Strap / Lanyard Accessories


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