SebaKMT Correlator Correlux P-200 Version 3.20 Water Leak Detector


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Correlux P-200

correlator for water leak location


Reliable, fast results from automation Process integration

High-end technology

The Correlux correlator locates leaks in drinking water pipes. Pressurized water at the leak location creates a noise which travels out in all directions of the pipe.

This noise is recorded, amplified and sent wirelessly to the correlator by two sensors (piezo microphone, hydrophone) which are attached to the pipe (e.g. valve, hydrants).

The Correlux compares both signals (correlation) and calculates the exact distance to the leakage on the basis of the delay time of the signals, the sensor distance and the sound velocity in the pipe.

Function description

The Correlux P-200 notebook correlator is designed for precisely locating leaks in pressurised water pipes by experi- enced and inexperienced users alike. The latest, most sophis- ticated correlation methods and noise analysis help the user avoid incorrect measurements and expensive unnecessary digging. Automatic plausibility tests make measurement even more reliable.

Its numerous unique features make the Correlux P-200 one of the best correlators on the market, allowing you to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in pipes made of any kind of material.


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