OLYMPUS IPLEX FX 6MM / 3.5MM Measurement Videoscope (Iplex FX IV8635)


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This is a good condition videoscope, which comes in a complete kit and ready to use. The unit is like new and shows very little if any signs of use. High quality videoscopes are extremely expensive new, and don’t be fooled by the knock off brands that have no articulation or are 15mm+ in diameter. The Olympus IPLEX FX is the premium offering from Olympus, which completely changes the portability and ease of use of videoscopes. From their easy to use measurement and operating system, down to their crystal clear image quality, Olympus videoscopes are the premium instrument for visual inspection. This unit in-particular has every option installed, as well as coming with all measurement modes. It has features like Auto Gain and WIDER auto gradation which increases clarity without distorting the image. The screen is one of the most important aspects when using a videoscope, and the IPLEX FX has an indoor/outdoor, splash-proof screen, that is scratch & glare resistant.

This package retailed for more than $39,470, and here is your opportunity to get it less 60% off retail cost. If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The IPLEX FX introduces new levels of durability to industrial videoscopes
with its shock-resistant case design and wear-resistant scope exterior. Adding
“strength-of-construction” to a frequently used, job-essential tool produces one
tough, reliable and long-lasting piece of industrial inspection equipment. Rugged and Durable,
Designed to withstand the bumps, drops and falls of the everyday
industrial workplace.


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