New Mala ProEx System – Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)


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Brand new Mala ProEx System with one year warranty.

Please inspect all pictures before buying.

Important – the device will be sent from Europe.

The MALÅ ProEx is a modular digital radar control unit with multi-channel functionality. The unit is designed for two hardware channels (4 data channels). Adding an antenna module allows connection of two separate antennas for simultaneous data collection. As an option, the MALÅ ProEx Expansion Unit can be added to support up to eight individual antennas. A choice of three antenna modules (optical, high frequency and coax) allows the user to connect MALÅ antennas in various configurations, for single, dual or multi-antenna operation.

Set contains:

21-002600 ProEx Control Unit

21-002602 ProEx Module – Optical

21-002467 Li-ion Battery 11.1 V/6.6 Ah (15 pin)

21-002648 Li-ion Battery Charger 12.6 V H01110030 incl. EU/UK/US power cord

21-002487 Ethernet Communication Cable 1.2 m (black)

21-002489 Ethernet Communication Cable 3.0 m (black)

19-001050 MALÅ USB Software and Manuals Package

21-002516 Shipping Case for ProEx Control Unit


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