MALA X3M Ground Penetrating Radar with 500Mhz antenna


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Didn’t have a chance to use this great Ground Penetrating Radar. The items included are:

X3M shielded system

(No Electronics needed)

Items included:

21-002492 X3M Ethernet version 1pc

21-004004A Li-Ion Battery pack 12V 2pc

21-003006A Battery bag Li-Ion 1pc

21-002648 Li-Ion Battery Charger 12.6V H01110030 incl EU/UK/ 2pc

21-002486 X3M power cable 4m spiralized 1pc

21-002488 Ethernet cable 1.8m black 1pc

19-001050 MALĂ… USB Software and Manuals Package 1pc

22-003300 Monitor XV


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