HT Instruments PQA824 Power Quality Analyzer | Three Phase


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HT Instruments PQA824 Power Quality Analyzer | Three Phase 

“HT Instruments PQA824 Three Phase Power Quality Analyzer

General Features

  • TRMS voltage measures (5 inputs)
  • TRMS current on phases and neutral (4 inputs)
  • Active, reactive and apparent powers measures
  • Active, reactive and apparent energies measures
  • Power factors measure
  • Frequency measure
  • Max 251 selected parameters at the same time
  • Integrated period selectable from 1s to 60min
  • Harmonic analysis of voltage and current up to 49th component
  • Voltage anomalies (sags, swells) with 10ms resolution
  • Numerical and graphical (waveforms) visualization
  • Histogram visualization of harmonic analysis
  • Vectorial diagram of voltages and currents
  • Flicker analysis (Pst, Plt) in compliance to EN50160
  • Voltage unbalance in compliance to EN50160
  • Inrush currents measures
  • Fast voltage transients with 5µs resolution
  • Predefined and customized recordings configurations
  • TFT colour display with “touch screen”
  • 15Mbytes internal memory for recordings saving
  • Using of external compact flash and USB pen drives
  • USB interface for PC connection
  • Windows software for recordings analysis
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion battery and external AC/D adapter
  • Contextual help selectable on each screen
  • Virtual keyboard at display

Real-Time Measurements

  • Waveforms of voltages / currents
  • Vector diagram
  • Power / Energy Active, reactive and apparent
  • Power factor and Cosphi
  • Harmonic voltage / current up to the 49th
  • THD%
  • Voltages unbalance
  • Flicker

Recorded Measurements

  • Voltage dips and peaks
  • Vrms / Irms and Power / Energy
  • Harmonics and THD%
  • Phase angle and Power Factor
  • Frequency
  • Unbalance
  • Flicker
  • inrush currents
  • Fast transients (spikes 5us)”


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