Horiba U-52-2 Parameters include: Ph, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen


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Horiba U-52-2 is part of the U-50 Series Water Quality Maters. The parameters include:

Ph, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity, ORP, and Temperature with 2 meter cable
Turbidity: LED Lamp Source /30° Scatter

Horiba U-50 Series Packing List: Control Unit, Sensor Probe Unit with Cable, Calibration Cup, 500ml pH 4 solution, 250ml Model 330 reference solution, Backpack, DO membrane repair kit w/1 spare membrane cap, pH sensor, ORP Sensor, DO sensor, reference sensor, spanner wrench, cleaning brush, (4) LR14 batteries, hand strap, silicon grease

Includes optional Horiba U-50 Series Flow Cell and Custom made Pelican Storm Case.

This unit was only opened to take pictures and is new from distributor.


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