Greenlee 930XC-20C Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer


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Greenlee 930XC-20C Optical Time-Domain Reflectometer


Handheld, full featured Optical Time Domain Reflect meter (OTDR) with integrated Optical Power Meter (OPM), Stabilized Laser Source (SLS) and Visual Fault Locator (VFL) at a competitive price. Rugged exterior for long life. When the 930XC OTDR is connected to the fiber, it automatically and accurately locates loss and reflective events in outside plants. The OTDR automatically measures the fiber length and selects the most appropriate pulse width for optimum measurement results. The user can then save the file for later analysis on a computer. Each model comes with, instrument, rechargeable battery, OTDR trace viewer software, installation disk, data transfer cable, AC adapter, protective cover, carrying case, warranty card and certificate of calibration. One button test functions. Start measurements with the push of one button. Auto test automatically sets test parameters for optimum test results. Live fiber testing, tests fiber without disrupting live services. Graphical interface. Easy to read even in low or bright lighting conditions. Up to 38 dB dynamic range. Probe longer cables and see smaller reflections. Measure lengths and defects. Quickly locates faults. Cable acceptance reports. Generate customized reports that include trace signature and fiber events. Long life battery. Work longer without recharge – up to 8 hours continuous use. Rugged construction. Drop-tested from 2m, impact resistant and built to perform (GR-196 certified). Bell Core standard required by major Telco’s. Operational and within specification after a simulated dust storm. EMI resistant as per GR-1089. Rain resistant with no direct paths of entry.

Note: zipper on canvas bag broke when first opened.


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