Fluke Ti50 Thermal Imager IR Infrared Imaging Camera IR Fusion Flexcam


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This image has been previously used but only extremely lightly. It is in near-new condition with no significant blemishes to be found anywhere on the unit or accessories. The lens is in perfect condition and free from any scratches, the LC display is bright and clear with no dead pixels, scratches, or other defects. The rest of the camera body and all of the accessories are free of any significant blemishes as well other than a few extremely light signs of handling that are almost unnoticeable even upon close inspection.
The battery on this unit was starting to be come a bit weak and was just replaced with a brand new pack. There is exactly one cycle on the battery from our testing in-house. This unit was performance tested on a dedicated IR calibrator and passed with ease. Everything is 100% guaranteed to function perfectly and within all original Fluke factory specifications. The lens is the original Fluke 20mm F/0.8 with a calibrated range of -4 to 662F.
Includes: Ti50 imager, new Fluke battery pack, power supply/charger for camera, external battery charging dock with power supply, Sandisk Ultra II 8GB compact flash memory card, Compact Flash to PC card, PCMCIA adapter, video output cable, USB data cable, USB drive with copy of all manuals/printed documents and Smartview Imaging software (original manuals and CD were misplaced but everything is available on Flukes website for free as well), lens microfiber cloth. Everything comes securely stored in the original deluxe Fluke waterproof hard case with shoulder strap! Please note that there is no lens cap with this unit but the lens is well protected in the case and free from any blemishes at all!


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