EM Test LD 200N Load Dump Generator with Clipping-Module


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Unit is used and in good condition. Unit has wear and tear from use.

EM Test LD 200N Load Dump Generator with Clipping-Module

Load Dump pulses simulate a sudden battery disconnection (e.g. by corrosion) from the alternator. Cause the lost of the battery load the alternator generates an overvoltage impulse. Such Load Dump pulses are high energy pulses with a high potential of destruction. The LD 200N simulates these high energy pulses having a duration time in the range of hundreds of milliseconds. The LD 200N generates the Load Dump pulses as per ISO 7637, ISO 16750-2, SAE J1113, SAE J1455, JASO, and many more manufacturer specifications, e.g. Ford, Chrysler, Renault, PSA, NISSAN etc. By means of a built-in clipping circuit, the LD 200N also generates clipped load dump pulses as per international standards as well as manufacturer requirements. Iso.control software license included.


Dimensions: 19″/6HU, 500mm x 450mm x 290mm
Weight: approx. 25kg
Supply voltage : 115V/230V +10%/-15%
Fuses : 2x T2AT (230V) or 2x T4AT (115V)


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