Amplifier Research 100W1000M1 Amplifier, 80 – 1000 MHz, 100W


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Equipment has been tested and is fully functional with a 30-day Warranty.

The Amplifier Research Model 100W1000M1 is a self-contained, air-cooled, broadband, completely solid state amplifier designed for applications where instantaneous bandwidth and high gain are required. Push-pull circuitry is utilized in all high power stages in the interest of lowering distortion and improving stability. The Model 100W1000M1, when used with an RF sweep generator, will provided a minimum of 100 watts of sweep power.

Housed in a stylish, contemporary equipment rack, the Amplifier Research 100W1000M1 provides readily available RF power for typical applications such as RF susceptibility testing, antenna and component testing, wattmeter calibration, and as a driver for higher power amplifiers. Provisions are made for remote control of the basic operation functions of the amplifier. Protection is provided by the DC voltage sensing and the individual fusing of all output modules.

Specifications of the Amplifier Research 100W1000M1 RF Amplifier Include:
Frequency 80MHz – 1000MHz
Rated Output Power 100W
Gain 50 dB min

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